Patient Zero

Patient Zero (PZ) is an upcoming unique pandemic inspired zombie shooter game with battle royale and survival influences. Built with UnrealEngine 4 it is scheduled to release on multiple platforms (Windows and Linux initially) for early access in 2021.

Unlike many games currently sitting within the shooter genre, Patient Zero is designed from its core to be accessible to a wide range of players by offering round based gameplay. Offering something for both casual gamers and hardcore survivalists.

With fast paced action and the real risk of infection turning you into a zombie, it will drive players to consider their every move. Where you must constantly ask yourself: Who can I trust? What do I do next? Do I have enough resources to survive?

Can humans survive to the end? Or will zombies triumph and manage to zombify everyone?

Core Features:

  • Large dynamic open worlds optimised for a large amount of players and vehicles.
  • Large amounts of human and zombie AI NPCs.
  • Random dynamic gameplay events.
  • Realistic ballistics
  • Realistic infection system with multiple stages
  • Dynamic unarmed combat and dynamic melee system
  • Choose from a wide range of gameplay strategies to survive; ranging from barricading and hiding to staying on the move, or going on the offensive.
  • Will be released for multiple platforms (Windows/Linux at first)